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What’s Behind Health Care Reform?

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It is truly a false charge when advocates of market-controlled, government-run health care reform accuse their opponents with favoring the health care “status-quo” and have no plans for addressing the economic problems within a system that is costly, unfair and unsustainable. For years, advocates of free market based care reform have been writing about the need to deregulate and re-privatize the American health care system in order to lower costs and eventually eviscerate the third party payer system- which was instituted as a social engineering scheme through the tax code and is the foundation of the present woes in the health care economy.

But, the solutions proposed by free market reformers have often been ignored because it is much simpler and politically expedient to decry the supposed profit motive of health insurance providers (despite many of them being non-profits) in order to utilize the rubric of “health care reform” to  impose ideologically inspired statist controls on the country. The attack on greed and profit and the health insurance industry is mere populist pablum utilized to capitalize on the anger and resentment of base of the Democratic Party, many of whom (labor and public employee unions) have some of the best health insurance plans in the country. If one looks seriously at the causes of rising costs in the health care system, it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that government intervention bears the brunt of the blame and thus the American Left has completely misdiagnosed the problem.

Of course, there is a reason for this misdiagnosis and pure ideology (pure politics) is  behind the heated attempts to foist a government-run health insurance on the country, despite polls that show Americans don’t believe this is necessary. America’s ruling, liberal political class generally believes in the need for centralized legal and economic planning and to further impose restrictions on the economic freedom of Americans. They have believed this for over a century and proposals for market controlled and/or government run health care has long been a cherished goal of progressives. However, behind the contemporary push to restructure the health care system is a new agenda that has been formulated in the rush to make America over and to come more in line with international, communitarian law. What communitarian law is, is probably a subject for a long essay, but suffice it to say that supranational, elite-controlled, non-democratic entities like the European Union, NAFTA and UN Agenda 21 are structured on the principals of communitarian law. So it has a history and is part of a political program and is an active agent of “transformation” in the world today. It is also the guiding principal of former President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiatives non-governmental organization, which openly believes in controlling population growth especially in the Third World, and supports a number of “social change” initiatives in order to achieve that goal. In order to touch on it briefly, Bill Clinton recently called for more and more people to engage in communitarianism. In a speech in Montreal he said,

“Communitarianism is neither left nor right, it simply recognizes that we are mutually dependent on each other, that it is inconceivable that we can find personal fulfillment or family success unless we have some concern or care for the general conditions under which we all live.

“The whole world is interdependent to an extent it has never been before.

“I would like to make the argument today that this is basically the mission we have to undertake for the world… We have to have a world consciousness. In the absence of that, we will not make good decisions.”

A nice-sounding plea for cooperation, eh? But underneath is the true motivation of American progressives to transform American society. Communitarianism is not just a  set of philosophical precepts and humanitarian wish lists. It is a complete program directed at the Quixotic and utopian dream of global integration. That is why a so-called transformative legislative behemoth like health care reform is not borne out of compassion for the uninsured (many who have merely chosen not to buy insurance), but  rather it is meant to permanently capture and put under government control an estimated 1/6 of the total US economy, to lower rising government and social costs of medicine through austere rationing of treatment and, most importantly, setting legal precedents for further government intervention in the economy and redistribution of American wealth potentially on a global scale. In short, it is about control, and this type of social engineering is clearly at odds with American liberty and the individual right of privacy embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

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