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Leftists Defeated in Honduran Elections: Of course, leftist leaders condemn them.

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from the November 30, 2009 Telegraph

Porfirio Lobo, the Conservative opposition candidate, had over 55 per cent support with more than half the votes counted and his closest rival, Elvin Santos of the ruling Liberal Party, conceded defeat.

However, neighbouring leftist leaders condemned the result. Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela said the election was invalid because it was backed by the coup leaders ended any hope of Mr Zelaya returning to power.

(more here)

Heritage Foundation observer, Izzy Ortega, confirms elections free, fair and peaceful.

Israel also contributed to this article on the elections:

U.S. Should Endorse Honduras Election Results

On November 29, the people of Honduras took a step toward resolving the five-month political and diplomatic crisis that has divided and impoverished their nation. Voters selected a new president, legislators, and municipal councils through a constitutionally scheduled election process that was universally acknowledged by observers to be free, fair, and transparent. The U.S. should swiftly endorse the election results and work with the incoming Lobo team to rebuild U.S.-Honduran relations.

Former President Manuel Zelaya, a Central American version of Venezuela’s populist authoritarian President Hugo Chavez, was the biggest loser at the polls. His 2005 opponent, conservative rancher Porfirio Lobo of the National Party, scored a resounding 15-plus-point victory amidst a heavy voter turnout of more than 60 percent.

On December 2, the Honduran Congress will decide if Zelaya should be restored to office to complete his term that ends on January 27. The chances the Congress will reject Zelaya’s return appear substantial. Yet even a decision not to allow Zelaya’s return does not violate the October 30 accord between Zelaya and the interim government of Roberto Micheletti. It will in fact remove the final impediment to restoring normal U.S. relations with Honduras.

(the rest here)

And finally, Izzy’s final video string:

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