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Miss World 2009

December 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Although this is a serious blog, from time to time we like to have some fun. Tonight they will picking Miss World for 2009 in South Africa.

We might as well wade in with some of our top picks.

The Top Three

#1 Miss Belgium

Miss Belgium 2009- Zeynep Kübra Sever

Zeynep Sever

#2 Miss Martinique

Miss Martinique 2009- Ingrid Littré

Ingrid Littre

#3 Miss Mexico

Miss Mexico-2009-Perla Judith Beltrán Acosta

Perla Acosta

Honestly though, there is no real standard to judge the top three, is there? How could you pick winners and losers amongst these three.

The Respectable Runners-Up

Miss Austria

Miss Austria 2009-Anna Hammel

Miss Serbia

Miss Serbia 2009-Jelena Markovic

Miss USA

Miss USA 2009-Lisa-Marie Kohrs

Miss Finland

Miss Finland 2009-anna Anniina Kankaanpää

OK. I know what you’re thinking. The only blonde in a bevy of dark-haired beauties is from the United States. A little biased there? No. Besides being quite lovely, Miss USA Lisa Marie Kohrs  also has a unique look and that photo at the beach captures something  natural about her. It is the best photo of the lot.

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