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New developments in leftist extremism. Just a guess here, none of these people watch Glenn Beck.

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It seems that leftist extremists have been having a busy week. Funny, I see none of this same anger, violence and threatening behavior coming from the so-called teabaggers, better known as the Tea Party Movement. It was supposed to be them that were the threat to peace and to the President.

First up: A former Purdue University graduate student was convicted of threatening to kill former President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney.

According to this teeny-tiny wee little article in the Chicago Tribune, thirty-eight year old Vikram S. Buddhi was sentenced to 56 months in jail and 3 years of probation on 12/12/09  for using  chat rooms to justify the murders of Bush and Cheney in 2005 and 2006. He also apparently explained why it was justified to rape their wives in the name of social justice.

Next up: Our more radical than thou friends at UC Berkeley are at it again. On Friday (12/11/09) eight protesters were arrested for attacking the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s home. After surrounding his home and chanting “No Justice, No Peace,” a crowd estimated at 45-70 people began to hurl incendiary devices at the Chancellor’s home and smashed the windows to his house. Eight individuals were arrested and charged with numerous felonies.

Actual protest flyer for west coast comrades. It reads, "Take what is ours, because everything is ours!" Cool man.

This violent attack came after students were arrested for staging a 4-day occupation of Wheeler Hall on the Berkeley campus. They were protesting California’s decision to raise tuition on its state university system and the students don’t like that.

See, if they would have been watching Glenn Beck they would have known that their battle could not be won because California is broke, mostly due to leftist social policies. They could have saved themselves some jail time.

Finally: Even if they’re winning, leftists need to shake things up and f### the police for the hell of it. In Copenhagen, the site of the biggest international conference on climate change in history, with all kinds of socialist schemes at redistributing wealth to everyone on the table, 30,000 protesters marched through the streets and started throwing bricks and smashing windows. Guess they just couldn’t help themselves.

Anarcho-Communists just can't help themselves. Hey, if you're wearing a mask you gotta get medieval on the cops! Cool man.

The understatement of the year came from Conference president Connie Hedegaard when she said in a statement to the protesters:

“You don’t have to exert that kind of violence to be heard, because this is a process where your views are very much included.”


That wins her one of these:

No posters from the Tea Party Movement have surfaced from any of these wonderful, enlightening events.

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