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Another Liberal Democrat Principality Called a “National Disgrace.”

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I posted this article from a few days ago which reported that test scores from a huge majority of the students in the Detroit Public Schools were  essentially the worst in the history of such testing. The article documents the disbelief by some educators that the scores were what could be expected if students had merely guessed at most of the answers.

Although I did not make the connection overtly in the post, my intention was to show that areas suffering under the  control of liberal Democrats- and that have been for years in many cases- are utterly dysfunctional in almost every aspect.

In the urban areas of America-and I live in one-the Democratic Party has ruled pretty much unopposed for a long time. Since many of those places have been in a seemingly unstoppable death spiral since the 1960s, perhaps it is time that these people-the Democrats- take some responsibility for the consequences of the bad ideas they like to impose on the rest of us.

Yeah. I know. I’m dreaming.

But, there is cause and effect. And one of the purposes of this blog is to document the effects of bad, left-wing ideas and the nature  of their fallout.

It happens all the time, but the liberal advocacy media (LAME, or the entity that used be known as the mainstream press) is incapable of noticing these things for what they are.

Once in a while though, things get so bad that even the LAME has to look into the affairs of the local Democratic Party junta and write what it sees.

It appears that this is happening in Philadelphia, as the Philadelphia Inquirer has had enough of the crime rate there and did some good ol’ fashion gumshoeing about it.

The result is a four-part series that looks into the reasons why “Killadelphia” which has  one of the highest violent crime rates in the country,  also has one of the worst conviction rates.

The Inquirer inaugurates its series with an editorial called  A National Disgrace. It begins:

Often after a heinous murder or a police shooting in Philadelphia, the suspect is found to have a lengthy criminal record or an outstanding warrant for another crime. That prompts many to ask: “Why wasn’t this creep in jail?”

A four-part series that begins in The Inquirer today answers that question. It details a criminal justice system practically built to perpetuate crime, rather than stop it. Thugs go on committing crimes until they escalate into murder.

Police may do a good job of capturing suspects, but after that comes the revolving door. Various breakdowns in the legal system enable thousands of suspects to go free.

What is incredible about this editorial is that the Inquirer not only dismisses the excuses of the City’ s ineffectual liberal Democrat District Attorney, Lynn Abraham, they lay much of the blame at her doorstep. The paper found that the conviction rate for violent crimes in the city was a meager 20 percent. Abraham, who has been the D.A. for eighteen years disputes those numbers. The Inquirer responds:

District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham disputes The Inquirer’s findings regarding the low conviction rate compared with that in other cities. However, Abraham – who has been the DA for 18 years – has failed to keep her own records that could benchmark the office’s results.

Then after listing the many ways that the city’s criminal justice system is failing, the paper finishes by revealing its relief that Abraham’s tenure as  D.A. has come to an end.

An overhaul of the court system isn’t easy, since there are so many disconnected parts. But much of the burden for leading the reform could come from the DA’s office.

It’s good for the city that Abraham did not run for reelection and will leave office next month. It will be up to incoming DA Seth Williams to bring real change.

A fresh approach to managing and tracking cases could boost convictions and reduce the number of cases that get dismissed. But broader reforms are also needed to fix a broken system.

A quick review of Abraham’s biography reveals that she is part of a gun regulation group, that she criticized the Catholic Church about the molestation scandals long after they were over, and she was a Pennsylvania delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2004, where she cast her vote for Kerry, and in 2008  casting her vote for Obama. I would have thought that a person with those kind of  progressive credentials would have made her untouchable to the LAME.

Maybe the LAME will start waking up to the fact that most of America’s problems are within its urban areas where the Democratic Party has ruled for a long time. You wonder, though, if they’ll ever get around to asking the obvious questions, like we do here at the intrepid Conservativepolicynews blog.

Some of the comments left by online readers  of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s editorial are priceless by the way. I reproduce some of my favorites below for your entertainment.

bill at
This was all brought to you by the Philadelphia Democrat party. People, by the way, who have been endorsed endlessly by the same editorial board who just now is seeing a problem that has been obvious for decades. Hope. Change.

Philadelphia is not unlike many a Third World city with a small, well protected and relatively safe Center City area protected by a ring of security for the affluent surrounded by neighborhoods that are filled with violent criminals run amok. Why?

A once great city has been destroyed by Democrats, Liberals and scum of the earth violent animals. The only difference between Philadelphia and Detroit is that Philly only gets half as much snow.

Just another symptom of the disease killing the city since the 1950s we will never get the world class city we deserve with third rate politicians running the city

Call me naive, but this story is shocking. These are hard facts that show beyond any doubt that the Philadelphia government is truly broken.


Societal decay. Acts that people used to be ashamed of, are now celebrated. Kids out of wedlock with multiple fathers seems common and ok today. 14-year old mothers pushing baby carriages is commonplace and not given a second glance. Being a single mothers is normal and bragged about like it should be rewarded. Going to jail seems to be a badge of honor. Having warrants is the norm for some people. Bad credit seems to be acceptable. Drug addiction is a “disease” and is accepted as easily as the common cold. Boys walking around with their butts hanging out of their pants is now normal. Unemployeed men being taken care of by a bevy of naive women is the norm. It just never ends. This once great country, like the Roman Empire eventually did, is falling, and it will be a Third World

This is the result of one-party rule where the “good government” crowd is nonexistent. It’s all a cesspool of political subgroups (blacks, asians, jews, unions, etc.) all slicing up their pieces of the pie for their constituencies. It’s been this way for so long people don’t realize it’s not that way everywhere else. I’m not saying Philadelphia’s Republicans would be any better. They operate in the same system and wrote the book on this kind of corruption when they ran the Philly machine in the first half of the 20th Century.

Ben Dover
get a gun, its the only real protection you have in philadelphia


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    Great information thanks for getting this out there for people like me to read.

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