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Shadowlands in Seattle

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

(From Q13 Fox News)

Seattle Band Sells Shirt Praising Alleged Cop Killer Christopher Monfort

Band Leader: “When police die, I feel that the streets are just a little bit safer. “

SEATTLE – “When police die, I feel that the streets are just a little bit safer. ” That’s what the leader of the Seattle punk band Furious Styles has to say about the murder of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton on Halloween night.

The local crime website Seattlecrime.com broke the story with a photo of the band’s latest t- shirt – emblazoned with a picture of murder suspect Christopher Monfort and a blood-covered Seattle Police badge.

The shirt reads “Deliver us from evil”.

Less than three weeks after the murder of Officer Tim Brenton, Seattle Police Guild President Rich O’Neill says this shirt is taking things too far.

“It is very vulgar and a display of some of the same sick attitudes the suspect Chris Monfort harbored,” says O’Neill.

People we spoke with who follow the punk scene say they are also offended.

“It’s sort of part of the movement. This is a genre of music that is very anti-authority and anti-establishment but the shirt is still in very poor taste,” says Kevin Toth.

According to Seattlecrime.com the band leader, Michael Torres, wrote about this about the t-shirt on a local punk rock website – (misspellings are his)

” …..Over the last week, I saw a lot of support for this dead officer, and a lot people who alledgedly hate the police putting their opinions aside in the wake of this supposed “tragedy”. I’ve heard it all…he had a family…he has kids…etc…so spare me that bullshit. Everyone has families, many adults have children. That doesn’t excuse the actions of police in general and I refuse to change my opinion on the subject. When police die, I feel that the streets are just a little bit safer. So with that being said, I’m in no way embarrassed that we made this shirt. A lot of people took a stance on the situation….now I’m taking mine. “

Police Guild President Rich O’Neill says, “The very people who want to criticize you and be anti-police are the first ones to call 911 when they have been victimized. They don’t call their fellow band members.”

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