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Environmental fascists are called fascists, then while denying they are fascists, prove they are, indeed, fascists.

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The following videos depict a number of events that occurred at the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change.

The first video shows a group of people from the “youth climate movement,” a number of teenagers and young adults from climate NGOs in the United States, interrupting and shouting down a video teleconference that was being held by Americans for Prosperity in Copenhagen. After they prevent the speaker from exercising his freedom of speech they then proceed toward him and manage to physically obstruct him from speaking on the stage he most likely paid for.

Fittingly, Christopher Monckton moves toward the microphone and declares that these are actions akin to the “Hitler Youth.”

Many in the left-wing blogosphere have supported and justified this act. However, they have also ridiculed the event by saying it was sparsely attended by “astroturf deniers” and maybe “five” people.

This, of course raises the question: If the AFP conference was merely astroturf, and their conference not at all influential judging by the miniscule turnout, why expend any energy at all protesting the event? Why not either simply ignore them or listen to understand their case against climate change if only to refute them intelligently later at the conference?

It also raises a further question: If Christopher Monckton has the science wrong and is merely a buffoon and “astroturf,” why didn’t the “youth climate movement” use their time at the conference and on you tube to refute the weaknesses in his argument? Merely insulting Monckton, pulling callow pranks on him, and complaining ineffectually about being called a name, in no way furthers understanding of the science of climate change.

In fact, I believe that this kind of thing almost proves the point of those who believe that climate change is more about politics and organizing idiotic fanatics than it is about science or any rational discussion about the policies that should come about from the science.

Keep in mind, this is also the reality of the new global politics: NGOs exist merely to apply political pressure for the cause they are being funded to agitate for.

This is sadly, sort of the future.

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