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Excuse me while I puke.

Hey! Thanks everyone for pushing up the hits of CNP to 2500! I never imagined that this blog would become so popular in such a short period of time. I sincerely hope that all of those who read it are  having as much fun and getting as much of an education as I am writing it.

I am sorry I haven’t kept up the postings in the past week. I have been predisposed studying for a professional exam. I have also been working on the second part of the Crisis in Honduras article. I have been doing a lot of research on it because it is very important to get the real story out.  It is coming very soon.

The American Marxist stooge for Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, has posted this pack of lies about Honduras.

Do leftists really live in the real world? Does he really think the Honduras is some kind of fascist nightmare because Zelaya was legally removed from office? Or, does he just believe that American leftists have “reality orientation issues” and are easily fooled?

There is no way that Weisbrot can confirm the “killings, beatings, detentions, and attacks on media” are real, and my research has shown that this is all unconfirmed. And notice the triad of abuse he mentions at the end of the article; he never substantiates that any of these things have been tied to the interim government.

As an example, while doing my research on the crisis, human rights groups kept mentioning that a TV station, Channel 36, was shut down by the “right-wing coup.” It turns out, and I confirmed this through several sources, that Channel 36 was a poorly-run, pro-Zelaya station. It had a lot of problems staying on the air well before the coup so during the crisis created by Zelaya, they shut down the station intentionally in order to give fodder to the hysterical left about “human rights abuses.”

This is a suggestion to leftists: No matter how skinny and smart a guy looks, if he says there is a stream of horribles occurring somewhere because his guy has lost power-don’t trust him. He is  lying to you.

I’m getting nauseated just thinking about it.

And what about this?

An Obama musical?

Oh my God, excuse me while I puke.

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