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Must-read article by John Bolton.

As we have been saying here at CPN,   this article by John Bolton confirms that the major thrust of Obama’s foreign policy is to diminish the national sovereignty of the United States and weaken its startegic capabilities. He also confirms another thing we have repeated here, that Obama intends to join the International Criminal Court before he is out of office.

For our work on this point of view go here and here.

The guts of Bolton’s article, Obama’s Next Three Years, consists of the author  discerning what Obama would rather be doing in foreign policy if he wasn’t saddled with the “legacy” of the war on terror. He says Obama’s goals are threefold:

First, Obama seeks American arms reduction on almost all levels. This, according to Bolton, will be done with myriad of treaties and through reductions in the defense budget. He also says that the recent announcement by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that the U.S. would be actively involved in the Arms Trade Treaty for conventional weapons is a backdoor into domestic gun control.

Obama’s second leading policy concern is getting an international agreement on global warming. This, Bolton says, Obama will pursue even if he does not get the cap and trade legislation through the U.S. Senate. He will do this by getting more involved in multilateral negotiations to assure a successor to Kyoto in 2012 (something we said here was the intention all along- despite Copenhagen) and then “with treaty in hand” use it to bludgeon conservative opposition in Congress. Bolton says:

Obama…will be following a now familiar strategy for American leftists, which is to internationalize problems on which they cannot make progress domestically. They have attempted in recent decades, with varying degrees of success, to do so on a host of issues: gun control, the death penalty, abortion, and the “rights of the child” among them. The strategy is to reach agreement with like-minded leaders of other countries, whose governments are likely to be far to the Left of America’s political center of gravity. Then, treaty or other international agreement in hand, activists return to the Senate to announce that the rest of the world is determined to do “X” and that America cannot allow itself to be “isolated” along with Somalia, Burma, China, or other assorted holdouts.

And the third most important policy concern for Obama “following from from the first two,” is to promote global governance. Bolton says:

There is much more global governance in the works…Secretary Clinton has committed to ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Whatever the pros and cons of these agreements, the larger question is how much “law” the Obama administration is prepared to make outside the ever growing U.S. Code we already possess. To Obama’s internationalist sensibility, the offense, of course, is that laws “made in the U.S.A.” by freely elected representatives of our own citizenry are too “exceptional” and too “parochial” to hold weight in this interconnected world. Mere “municipal” laws, as international-law scholars refer to them, don’t pass John Kerry’s “global test” of legitimacy for American foreign policy. President Obama clearly wants to fix that problem.

Ahhh. Global governance-not a conspiracy theory anymore.


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