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Two New Features at CPN!

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

To CPN Readers:

The day is almost here where I’ll be completing the long road of my legal education and taking the bar exam. That means that beginning in March, I will be able to post more here at the CPN blog. That’s good news for me because I am committed to this blog and really enjoy writing for it. However, I have found that no matter how much time I have to work on CPN, there is so much information that I would like to include in the blog that I may never get the time to write about everything that interests me.

So, I have added two new features to the blog that will help me put out information that I think is important to know and that generally goes unreported or is only briefly mentioned in the mainstream press.

These two features are link categories called “Conservative News” and “Conservative Culture.” Both categories contain links to interesting and important news, art, literature, philosophy that I feel will help conservatives develop a sense of what’s really going on in the world free from the mediating influence of the liberal/left media and left-wing academia. In many cases, I will be providing information to classic conservative works that many people were never taught even existed, despite spending many years pursuing a “higher” education. I hope that this will draw more traffic to my blog and more and more people will find that CPN creates value for them.

When I get back to blogging at CPN on a more full-time basis, I will attempt to start doing video. I envision that I will start with simple You Tube-type commentary while I learn how to edit and use the software in order to optimize the viewer’s experience. I also believe that if this blog continues to gain readers and the video becomes successful, that I can take this blog to another level and use it in order to do dramatic investigative journalism (from a conservative perspective) that will be instantly available to CPN readers.

I have recently included a “Donate” button. Feel free to contribute any amount you wish, as any amount will let me know that I am creating some value for my readers and I am pursuing subjects that people are interested in and like to read about.

For now, back to studying.

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