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The Genteel Polemics of the GOP’s Girls Club. An Update.

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.. an occasional series where we endeavor to update our readers on the mysterious but exciting world of  popular, conservative women who are slogging their way to the top by offering conservative commentary on current events and just happen to look good doing it.

Up first- and where this series will ALWAYS begin-our favorite “girl journalist” S.E. Cupp.

In her new column, S.E. Cupp’s Diary,  for the new Daily Caller, she explains that she is a “misanthrope” and that she is decidedly not an environmentalist. Judging from the comments generated by her posts, her conservative cosmopolitanism mixed with that misanthropic edge, hasn’t quite caught on yet. But S.E. (Sara Elizabeth) doesn’t care: She could always go fishing.

What has she been up to lately? Our favorite “girl journalist” has become an online columnist for the New York Daily News. (My God, all those Brenda Starr daydreams are coming true-how cute!) In her most recent column, she recommends that Obama ignore the advice of the Democratic far-left and not  “go-gangsta.”

S.E. Cupp/Brenda Starr

What will she be doing next? Look for her correspondence from the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she will be greeting everyone with high fives, “just because.” I can’t wait for her take on CPAC.

Andrea Tantaros


On her personal blog, our favorite “Republican Strategist” mostly seen on Fox News, warns congressional Republicans that  Obama’s summit on health care is a “trap.” She suggests that Republicans “proceed with caution” because she says:

The President knows he’s the better orator and will make Republicans look like a bunch of stone-walling, puerile jerks in the process – much like he did two weeks ago when he visited House Republicans at their Baltimore retreat. There, he lambasted them for saying no to his policies and chastised them for not cooperating – all in front of the TV cameras, even though Republicans had already put forth ideas and were ignored all along.

What other advice does Miss Tantaros have for Republicans? In an earlier post on her blog she recommends that Sarah Palin should become more of an “Oprah” for the Right, and become a spokeswoman for cultural conservatism. She contends that Palin is  damaged goods and thus too divisive a figure to be an effective national candidate for political office. I wonder what her supporters think about this, but everyone has their opinion of Palin at this point. Maybe Andrea has some inside knowledge, so we’ll keep following her.

Noelle Nikpour

There once was a time when Noelle had her own website and from the looks of it, she was trying to expand her business opportunities. Alas, Noelle remains a Republican “strategist” for now and appears on TV once in awhile and offers her analysis as part of the new cadre of GOP ladies whose looks seem made for the medium.

While she does not update her blog often, she does have an occasional column at the Sun-Sentinel in Florida. In her most recent offering, Noelle speculates that if Obama  helps Haiti rebuild, he may also be aiding himself by rebuilding his presidency. While agreeing with Rush Limbaugh that she hopes Obama fails to “redistribute wealth, to sink the government’s teeth ever farther into the health care system, and to handcuff our economy to that awful cap-and-trade idea,” she also hopes that the experience Obama gains in helping Haiti rebuild will lead to a new chapter in his presidency. One that will help Obama leave “America stronger than he found it.”

We hope so too, Noelle.

Well, that’s it. We were going to finish this post with Megan McCain, but since she’s really a Democrat and her blog hasn’t been updated in almost a year, we thought we’d pass.

(I know, I know…she writes for the Daily Beast. But we just couldn’t bring ourselves to make any commentary on articles like America’s Boob Police. We just don’t care.

Meg McCain

But what we will say about Megan McCain is that she also seems to have the New York City cosmopolitan, “Sex and the City,”  “girl journalist” thing going on, much like S.E. Cupp.

It may be interesting on an archeological level to study the influence that the character of Carrie Bradshaw (or Brenda Starr!) has had on a generation of young American women.

Or not.

Look for more updates in the future.

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