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There is a World…

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There is a world where no political protest ever turns violent.

There is a world where all political assassinations are only committed by the unhinged and for no discernible reason.

There is a world where if there is a political reason for the violence, it is always committed by your political opposition.

There is world where all political violence is never committed in the name of revolution and the Left, but always by the incoherent rage of the Right.

There is a world where political terrorism was never discussed as a legitimate strategy for the socialist and anarchist Left.

There is a world where presidential assassin Leon Czolgosz was never influenced by American anarchist Emma Goldman.

There is a world where anarchist Emma Goldman never defended Czolgosz publicly, calling him a martyr.

There is a world where Emma Goldman has not remained a hero to the American left.

There is a world where Puerto Rican nationalists never attempted to assassinate Harry Truman.

There is a world where a new generation of Puerto Rican terrorists were never pardoned by Bill Clinton, a Democratic President.

There is a world where Lee Harvey Oswald was never a committed Marxist-Leninist who ran a Hands Off Cuba campaign.

There is a world where the leftist Weather Underground never became domestic terrorists.

There is a world where the Black Panther Party never burnished firearms and had various members put on trial for murder.

There is a world where disciples of Charles Manson, once a figure of the 60s counter-culture, never attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford-twice.

There is a world where pro-government state centralization through Communism was not responsible millions of deaths in the past century.

There is a world where recent political violence in Greece, France and Spain was not committed under the leftist banner.

There is a world where the Left never promoted or is not seeking to capitalize on the recent violence in those countries.

There is a world where the recent leftist call to insurrection does not praise the violent protests in Europe 2005 by calling them, “joyous fires” baptizing a “decade full of promise.”

There is a world where violent protests at Copenhagen Summit were not committed by communists and anarchists.

There is a world where violent protests against the G-20 in Pittsburgh were not committed by leftists.

There is a world where leftist students at Berkeley never attacked the home of the University Chancellor.

There is a world where the recent protests at the Vancouver Olympics were not committed by anarchists and leftists.

There is a world where images of the Che Guevara, an advocate of guerrilla war has not become “radical chic.”

There is a world where the imagery of Che Guevara is not used as a symbol in the popular culture.

There is a world where prominent figures on the Left do not  praise the memory of this violent revolutionary.

That must be the same world where Joseph Stack, the man who rammed his plane into IRS offices in Austin, Texas (one of the most liberal cities in that state) who wrote a manifesto denouncing George W. Bush, the Roman Catholic Church, capitalism, the class oppression of the American legal system, big business, corporations like Enron and Arthur Andersen, the CPA world, the S&L crisis…can be considered the product of a “right-wing” backlash. It must also be the same world where the violent acts committed by Joseph Stack  can be linked to groups like Glenn Beck’s 9/12 project, which proclaims as its primary value, “America is good.”

It must also a world where politics had nothing whatever to do with the murders committed at the University at Alabama by left-wing, pro-Obama extremist Amy Bishop.

It must also a world where Bill Ayers, an intimate friend of the now President of the United States, after committing numerous terrorist acts never wrote:

There’s something about a good bomb … Night after night, day after day, each majestic scene I witnessed was so terrible and so unexpected that no city would ever again stand innocently fixed in my mind. Big buildings and wide streets, cement and steel were no longer permanent. They, too, were fragile and destructible. A torch, a bomb, a strong enough wind, and they, too, would come undone or get knocked down.

It must also be the same world that this asshole at the Daily Beast lives in.

Writers like this always turn a blind eye to leftist violence and the history of that violence. In this case, they have turned a blind eye to what the guy who committed the act he condemns actually wrote! Yes, Stack attacked the IRS and was frustrated by a part of the tax code that limited his business, but to be intellectually honest, you must take into account Stack’s other frustrations before you blame one political faction or the other.

Two days ago we did not place blame, even after we read the entire manifesto and put it in a recent post. But, it is clear to us here at CPN, that there is a better case to be made that Stack’s protest was leftist in nature and not a result of a “right-wing backlash” with a tinge of racism thrown into the mix.

Here at CPN we can acknowledge this: It is hard out there and the political climate is ripe for extremists of all stripes to fill the vacuum of frustration. And it is clear that this is what’s happening all over the world. Both the extreme Right and the extreme Left have reared their heads in the present climate.

But, if one wants to make an honest assessment of who is committing most of the violent acts which are having an effect on the politics of nations these days, that honor belongs to the extreme Left, hands down.

To try to deny it and suggest otherwise is fundamentally ridiculous.

Indian Leftist Fascism

Leftist Violence in Asia

Left-Wing Violence in Germany

Maoists in Nepal

Marxist UAF Attack in Britain

In the United States, I guess  it is easy for liberals to overlook that there was a planned and coordinated effort to disrupt the the 2008 Republican Convention with a bomb plot planned by a left-wing extremist, also from Austin. He wasn’t the only leftist who was part of a bomb plot in the last few years either. Democratic Party activist, Milton Ohlsen  was also found to be a member of another terror plot.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget this.

And this.

I guess “not forgetting” is the best advice, though people who don’t really live in this world are incapable of hearing it. all

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