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Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.

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Well, the bar exam is complete and I can now get back to writing more for the blog. I have to study for the MPRE, the professional responsibility test for attorneys which I will be taking next week, but that isn’t as grueling as the bar exam. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make updates every day from now on.

Of course, there is so much going on I would like to address, so here it goes. But be careful when reading, because the skeptical CPN perspective is chomping at the bit today. So, abandon all hope before reading and take a big bite out of that worm-infested serving of hopelessness we serve up occasionally.

Things aren’t getting better, they’re not. We are ruled by fools and charlatans and I’m not so sure about those waiting in the wings to take over. So, prepare for inevitable decline. And enjoy this poem from Czech poet Miroslav Holub which encapsulates my feeling about politics today.


True political conservatism has not yet taken root in the political culture of this country and there are odd signs that it will have problems ascending.  Yes, the Republican elite and the Beltway Politiburo are responsible for this.  There is no better reason that explains how John McCain remains a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate, even though he attacks his more conservative opponent more fiercely than he ever attacked Obama.  Hasn’t any conservative noticed yet that moderate, conciliatory McCain (father to pro-gay marriage and “progressive” Megan) has  gained the endorsement of Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin-two potentially serious Republican candidates for president- and that he was instrumental in the election of “independent” Scott Brown?

Has the Tea Party been had?

I am afraid that if the Tea Party does not wake up soon, they will be cynically bridled by the very establishment RINOs they despise, and will put into the service of statist masters they are now revolting against.  I mean, where is Reagan conservatism really? Did the Mount Vernon Satement really point the way to an aggressive program of reform?  Did it really inspire rank and file conservatives to commit themselves to a new era of political struggle with the Left? Or are Washington types really hoping that the rebellion eventually abates and we all go away and shut up again, believing that the plebes can be easily controlled?

The muscular reform conservatism that lies latent within the breast of the Tea Party is being co-opted by a Republican Party that, we are learning, is just as uncomfortable with popular conservatism as the Democratic Party. Divergence from the party line and the convenient myths that keep the Republican elite in power is frowned upon and of course, eventually purged from “respectable” debate. Try to push the issue  and popular conservative bloggers or Glenn Beck will promptly beat you down.


It is interesting that Republican critics of health care reform only got two hours to present their case at Obama’s health care summit, while the Democrats and the President got four. If support for the legislation does not increase in the polls, the argument that is now being made by the Left, that people oppose the bill because they don’t understand it, will no longer be able to pass the laugh test.

Of course, I think that it failed that test after Obama’s joint session speech in the Fall, but Democrats believe that with enough propoganda and ridicule that Americans will eventually come around to supporting their prescription for institutionalizing socialism on American soil. So, they have been pursuing the idea that by calling people dumb, they will be able to cajole enough people into supporting their bill because…who wants to be called dumb by this guy.

But Democrats also believe that health care is a right and do not understand why Americans are so averse to the idea. To prove to the American people what a wonderful and progressive concept the “right” to health care is,  Democrats have been relying on puerile yet harrowing prairie socialist folk tales, like those from the 1930s, in order convince them. Yes, to Democrats, farmers and laborers and the “forgotten man” are all living in some kind of capitalist health care hell, while the high-hatted fat cat industrialists plot to deny life-sustaining medicine to the downtrodden simply because they are greedy monsters. In the case of health care reform though, they do not seem to understand that the fat cats they are talking about are mostly doctors.

Democrats are very comfortable with this language and have spent years browbeating beleaguered constituencies, located within wide swathes of the American de-industrialized urban wastelands, with similar tales rooted in messianic redemption and vague promises of final victory in the class war. That is why ridiculous, Depression Era pulp about  someone wearing the dentures of the dead, somehow remains compelling policy analysis amongst leaders in the Democrat-controlled House.

I know that this variety of Big Bill Haywood/Wobbly demagoguery will never go away, and that is why I wish  that conservative bloggers would spend less time attacking Ron Paul and more time trying to do away with the leftist argument/talking point that “Americans vote against their own economic interests merely because they are dazzled by some slick marketing campaign run through the conservative media.”

This is an argument that is not only ignorant and beyond conceit, it is practically unhinged from reality. Media critique, especially of advertising and marketing, is one of the most cherished components of leftist ideology. But can the left/liberal establishment really claim that the media is against them on the important political issues and especially in the culture? Can they really claim that the media has been against them on health care reform?

The reality is that there are many Americans who do not accept left/liberal politics and Keynesian/progressive economic policy as they have been applied both in the United States and throughout the world in the past 70 years. The idea that Americans do not have the cognitive ability to measure the very long history of  these things (and are looking for a better way), is merely a convenient conceit. The Left will go to great measures in order to keep this, their most cherished myth, alive in their own minds.

Just ask New York Governor David Paterson, who was forced to abandon his gubernatorial campaign yesterday.

Despite the Democrats’ talking points about his resignation, it has been absolutely clear to most New Yorkers that the Democratic Party was planning, for quite some time, to destroy Paterson and his campaign.

Why? Because in an attempt to fix it, he was exposing the unsustainable massive fiscal joke, wrought with corruption, waste and fraud, that New York State government has become under 70 years of liberal economic policies. His budget proposals in recent years were wrought with spending cuts, targeting the Democratic power base: public employee and teacher unions. Ironically, while the Democratic Party (with the help of the New York Times) was  muscling Paterson  out of power on mere allegations, there has not been a murmur from establishment Democrats in the national or New York Party, demanding that uber-corrupt, New York Congressman Charles Rangle resign as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee after being found guilty of ethics violations.

The obvious difference between the two: Rangle  gladly keeps the liberal lie alive and easily cavorts in its accompanying corruption, while Paterson was working to mitigate the damage it has wrought.  For this, the latter man- a better man- had to go.


There has been some interesting fallout from CPAC . Whereas CPAC re-ignited conservatism last year,  this year’s event seems to have provided fertile ground for a trend that suggests a crackup may be coming. The central issue seems to be that CPAC is in the throes of  an increasingly more powerful libertarianism which is trying to change the conservative position on the war on terror and Islam.

The fact that Ron Paul won the CPAC presidential straw poll ignited a number of denunciations of him and his libertarian Campaign for Liberty in the conservative blogosphere. Newsreal blog  has been monitoring Paul and attempting to purge him and his movement from the Right.  While Newsreal  has been explaining  the problems with Paul’s economics,  in this amazing piece of slander, they make the case that Ron Paul’s libertarianism is really just the most vile anti-semitism concealed, and that his  ideology mirrors the old anti-semitic screed, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

What about Paul’s ideology is so mired in the grandfather of all conspiracy theories? That Paul believes  the Neo-Cons are in control of U.S. foreign policy and he has maintained serious reservations about the principle behind anti-terror measures like the Patriot Act and that Neo-Cons ” express no opposition to the welfare state.”

Newsreal has also been going after Grover Norquist, a popular anti-tax activist and frequent CPAC attendee. Norquist is not only an advocate for open borders, but according to Newsreal, he is also a traitor to his country. According to blogger Pamela Geller, Norquist has had long-standing ties to  Muslim extremists and jihadists, and even introduced former president George W. Bush to Muslim activists with ties to Islamic radicals.

Read the case against him in the article at Front Page CPAC Shills for Islamic Terrorists.

Both Tom Tancredo and Mike Huckabee have openly criticized CPAC. Tancredo, of course, thinks that CPAC is now openly supporting an open borders agenda a-la-John McCain, while Huckabee contends that CPAC has become too libertarian. Tancredo, by the way, also believes that Grover Norquist is the source of the GOP’s open borders agenda.

Joseph Farah at World Net Daily also wonders why CPAC was openly hostile to activists who are supporters of traditional marriage. In his article What’s Wrong with CPAC, Farah wonders why Ryan Sorba was booed for his research on the the biology of homosexuality at a conservative event.  Leading conservative blog Hot Air piles onto to the attacks on Sorba’s reputation here.

Sorba, quite brilliantly, explains himself here.


It is clear to see that there is a divergence within the conservative coalition, with Ron Paul and the Tea Parties the outliers which seriously challenge the establishment. I consider it troubling that RINOs like John McCain remain significant players in national conservative politics and and that there really is no identifiable spokesman for Reagan conservatism on the scene. Perhaps it is Michelle Bachman, who, in my opinion, gave the best speech at CPAC. But perhaps that shows just how much of an outsider I am, as what I thought was a brilliant moment (her speech) has gone mostly unnoticed.

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