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Just As We Predicted: “Fringe” Conservatives-As Determined By Rachel Maddow and The Daily Kos-No Longer Welcome In the Conservative Movement

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Just as we recognized in this post, the  conservative establishment is finally admitting that they are pursuing a plan to purge those they consider “fringe” elements from THEIR movement. And, just as we have been documenting, this will go beyond the usual suspects including the likes of the truthers, the birthers, and the John Birchers. It will most likely extend to Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty as well as to the tenthers, those who believe that states have the right to nullify federal law under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In time, it will probably also include those who oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants or any further controls on immigration. And, perhaps others.

According to this article from Politico, some main players from the moderate wing of the Republican Party like Michael Gerson, have been planning to discredit and exile elements of the tea party movement they believe are “crazy.”

Why? Because Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsos, and left wing MSNBC newsreader Rachel Maddow, say they should.

Think I’m kidding?

Here are some quotes from the Politico artcle:

So it was that liberals have demanded to know where Republicans stood on Obama’s citizenship, or that last week found left and right debating which side had more in common with Andrew Joseph Stack III, the software developer who crashed his plane into the IRS offices in Austin, Texas.

The left seized on a comment by hard-line conservative Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), reportedly expressing his empathy for the pilot’s anti-tax views.

Much as conservatives have sought to link Democrats to environmental extremism or socialism… it’s an obvious countermove for the left to try to link Republicans with the more extreme elements that have gained traction around — and sometimes within — the tea partiers.

After filming a brief segment at the conference, liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, a leading tea party antagonist, concluded on her show that “the conservative movement right now is really not afraid to let its freak flag fly. … They‘re happy to show off the ‘we want another revolutionary war,’ ‘we think the black president is arrogant,’ ‘we think the apocalypse is nice’ side of themselves.”

A blogger on the liberal site Daily Kos asserted Tancredo’s speech revealed the “REAL reason” tea partiers are upset: “A black man is President and their White Privelege [sic] is fading.”

Tancredo’s speech was not widely condemned by conservative intellectuals or media, but immediately after Farah delivered his, he was confronted in a hallway outside the convention hall by conservative media entrepreneur and fellow convention speaker Andrew Breitbart, who said it was a disservice to the tea party movement to infer its activists are “all obsessed with the birth certificate, when it’s not a winning issue.”

And it goes on.

Which makes me wonder: If  Rachel Maddow and Markos Moulitsos are now the de facto sources for conservative legitimacy, what other sections of the conservative movement will become eligible for the axe?

Will it also include those who believe that the push for global governance is real? Or how about  global warming “deniers?” I am sure that Maddow and Moulitsos still consider these two ideas absolutely crazy and only pushed by conservative “wing-nuts” and “conspiracy theorists.” Is that why there was very little commentary on John Bolton’s speech at CPAC, where he openly warned conservatives about the impending threat to American sovereignty from global governance?

I am sure that if you ask Rachel and Markos, along with Gerson and John McCain, they’ll all agree that such talk is crazy talk. Eeks. John Bolton should burn all references to global governance so that the national Republican Party will gain the approval of its new leadership. Just as a reminder, here is what Bolton wrote in Commentary Magazine in January (that we posted here):

Barack Obama’s blueprint for the United States spells trouble for American autonomy, self-governance, and defense, all key elements of national sovereignty. His undisguised indifference to repeated diminutions of that sovereignty is entirely consistent with the views of his European admirers, who, at their level, would like to see their nation-states dissolve into the European Union. (I believe Europen states have already de facto been dissolved in the EU already.)

Crazy. Paranoid. Conspiracy theory!

What a joke all of this talk about democracy and respect for the people has been.

The Tea Party should have been onto it once politicians and the conservative media elite started blowing smoke up their asses, and the conservative media  started declaring who the tea party leadership was.

This is why it is so difficult to be a conservative activist in America. You are never allowed the freedom to participate and hash out ideas as long as you tie your fortunes to the Republican Party. It is, unfortunately, run by a cadre of interests who are the ultimate gatekeepers and watchdogs for the establishment.

I live in New York and this has been a truism to me for a long time. That is why the New York Tea Party, as well as the coalition of government reform conservative groups in the state, have had very little to do with the Republican Party. In fact, they recognize it as so bad, that all their efforts have been outside the political parties altogether.

That’s a real Tea Party and the only path to lasting reform.

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