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Joke’s on You, America!

Advisory: This article contains adult language as it reflects appropriate and proportional outrage at the political state of affairs in the United States of America. If you have tender sensibilities I advise you not to continue. If you are a liberal, I actually do prefer that read on, so you can imbibe the full amount of venom I unload on your sorry, pussy self! You have been warned.

Yeah, I know, we’re all supposed to play nice and everything, but if you have watched my videos introducing the CPN You Tube page, I think you probably guessed I am way beyond that. Now, I don’t advocate violence by any means, but I do understand much better than the mainstream conservative movement that we are in a civil war with the Left and we might as well stop contemplating our vaginas and start acting like it.

So, I think it is important to remember that throughout history, when American patriots have felt their liberty threatened, they have not merely retreated to the stump in order to convince the summer soldiers to action. Patriots understand that not only was America’s founding consecrated with the blood of tyrants, later, when reasoned debate and political compromises failed, those who felt their liberty was threatened took up arms against their brother, and died gladly to defend their way of life.

In the past, Americans knew tyranny when they saw it and were willing to act on their instincts to fight it: they didn’t need an elite to confirm their gravest suspicions. But if you still need the evidence of treachery in high places in order to intellectualize your outrage over health care reform, let me offer the truth.

I have subscribed to the Accuracy in Media You Tube channel and they provide morning briefings for bloggers every week. In the latest briefing, Ryan Ellis from Americans for Tax Reform confirms that your President, Barack Obama, lied to your face, and continues to do so with the support of his legions and the liberal advocacy media. They appear confident that there will be no political price to pay for their treachery or that they will be able to talk you down from your anger.

Ellis confirms that the health care reform bill contains 19 tax increases (yes, on people making under $250,000) and that when Obama signed the bill on Tuesday  his promise not to raise taxes on people making under $250,000 was effectively in “tatters.” Further, Ellis confirms that the reconciliation bill that is presently being debated in the Senate is really an additional tax increase of $70-80 billion.

As additional proof of your president’s treachery it should be obvious by now that despite his populist attacks on the health insurance companies and the “special interests,”  “health care reform” was openly supported by these groups. Thus Obama was again lying to your face and diverting your attention when he claimed otherwise.

In his recent column, DC Examiner writer Tim Carney writes:

The health care bill Obama signed into law Tuesday is a triumph for the special interests. It will benefit the biggest businesses, and by injecting more government into the economy, it will permanently stimulate K Street.

Yet all along Obama has claimed the opposite. The Democrats’ party-line Senate vote for the bill represented “standing up to the special interests,” Obama said in December — just before the health care lobbyists and pharmaceutical political action committees hosted fundraisers for Martha Coakley to try to preserve the Democrats’ 60-vote supermajority.

“That’s not true,” you say. “No one could be that deceptive. Not…the One…”

Au contraire, mon ami.

Why So Serious?

Carney further writes:

In Washington, talk of who’s getting rich or taking a hit often distracts pointlessly from substantive issues. But it’s important here for two reasons.

First, there’s the unsettling but unavoidable conclusion that our president is willing to deceive us if he thinks he can get away with it. He knew the drug makers were on his side — after all, he cut a private deal with top drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin. He also knew that the media would consider any big government proposal a blow to big business.

Second, showing who benefits most makes clear that this “reform” wasn’t designed to “work for the people,” as Obama claims. It works for the deep-pocketed companies who wrote it. Come January, you will no longer be able to buy over-the-counter medicines with your health savings account money — if you want the tax deduction, you’ll need to get more costly prescription drugs. That hurts customers and taxpayers while driving up health care spending — but it profits Big Pharma.

But surely some say, Obama wasn’t in bed with all the special interests, he went after the health insurance companies specifically and didn’t they fight health care reform tooth and nail?

Not really.

The health insurance companies wanted the government to turn them into its zombies.Their business model is failing and despite the bullshit coming from your president’s mouth, their profit margins have become dangerously low in recent years. The health insurance companies wanted health care so bad in fact, that they contributed to the process of getting the health care bill passed, even as it appeared to be on its last legs. As Dr. Rich pointed out at his blog The Covert Rationing Blog:

…the health insurance companies, faced with a broken business model and in imminent crisis, would not allow healthcare reform to die, and must necessarily act in some dramatic way to resurrect it, and indeed – with the announcement of a 39% premium increase by Anthem Blue Cross in California – had just done so. While other, more mainstream pundits entirely missed its significance, DrRich patiently explained to his readers that Anthem’s ostensibly ill-timed announcement was actually a purposeful strategy, carefully calculated to inject new life into healthcare reform. And of course, it worked.

If that is not proof enough of the massive deception perpetrated on the American people by the walking turd known as Obama (if that is even his real name), the AIM video above has a second part which confirms that abortion has been left in the health care bill.Did you really believe that the Democrats, those purveyors of insane identity politics and twisted legal notions,  would in fact pass their signatory legislation and not include the destruction of innocent human life within?

“But the comrades Obama and Stupak assured us that abortion cannot be funded through this bill?”

Ahhh, yes. And, in the case of both, they repeatedly declared to the nation that they would stand against abortion being put into the final bill.

Deceived again, my fellow Americans.

Befuddled, disrespected, bamboozled, dissed, etc.

Obama’s executive order does not trump the legislation and he needs to pay dearly for the very public pronouncements that he would personally assure the American people that abortion was out.

When a president stands up in a special session of Congress to brazenly lie to the American people, he has desecrated that body as well as the hallowed office he was elected to. Is there not a special place in hell for such a brazen asshole?

If there is not, there should be.

And what about his partner in this deception, the foul, shameless Bart Stupak?

Watch this baby killing, piece of garbage reveal the truth, as he stands up in Congress to vote against his own pro-life Amendment: An Amendment that he told Americans publicly and repeatedly, he was committed to and vowed to stand by, even if it meant the bill would not pass.

So, despite their rhetoric your  leaders and your president have lied to you openly, repeatedly, and they appear to like putting salt in the wounds they create. For you are, according to them, a “nation of cowards” and you are so idiotic and backward that you actually “cling to your guns and religion” like those were things actually guaranteed by that old useless piece of paper they apparently like to wipe their putrid asses on, the U.S. Constitution. I mean haven’t you hillbillies heard, the Dear Leader himself, has arrogantly pronounced  “America is no longer a Christian nation.”

So, it must be so. Right?

There is no point listening to these assholes lecture conservatives on what their reaction to this massive piece of shit they call health care reform should be. They and their minions have no problem facilitating violence and protest and confrontation when it favors their side.

They are fascists.

Conservatives should be prepared and willing to confront them everywhere and anywhere they gather to taunt mock, humiliate, cajole. They have expressed through their actions that they eventually desire to suppress conservatives’ freedom of speech.

And for any leftist reading my blog and who has made it to this point:

F### You!

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