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Video of Alleged Tea Party Racial Incident

Below is a good video of the Tea Party protest on Capitol Hill Sunday. If you watch the entire video, I think it becomes quite clear that the Democrats and the Black Congressional Caucus were overreacting when they claimed that there was a racial incident as they walked through the Tea Party protest crowd Sunday.

Remember, this was the incident that was the subject of a Congressional press release, so has become a national concern.

At about 1:20 you see what happened. A protester was cupping his hands and some of his spittle must have accidentally hit Congressman Cleaver. Cleaver then became upset and went to get a Capital policeman. Apparently the protester was questioned and then released.

It seems to me that Cleaver overreacted, as did Congress.

This is also a pretty wide-ranging video, with a broad visual and audio sweep.

Have you heard the N-word?

Me neither. That is why I don’t think Breitbart will be giving the UNCF any of that $10,000 he promised if someone brings forward evidence the N-word was said.

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