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Young Men, Stay Away from American Universities

It has been reported that Ty McDowell, the organizer of the recent topless women’s march in Maine, will be organizing even more marches in order to discourage men to stop attending the marches and observing them. McDowell was apparently “enraged” that while the march drew about 20 topless women, it also drew 200 men who were there to watch the protest.

McDowell’s outrage makes absolutely no sense. As Lawrence Auster noted:

I still don’t get it. What do these women want? Do they want men not to be attracted to them?

Someone needs to ask one of these women:

‘Since you want men to have the same response to female breasts as to male breasts, i.e., no response at all, does that mean that you also want your husband or boyfriend to have no response to your breasts? If your answer is no, then you are simultaneously demanding that men be attracted to your breasts and demanding that they not be attracted to your breasts, which makes no sense. If your answer is yes, then you don’t want your husband or boyfriend to be attracted to your body, which also doesn’t make sense. Another possibility is that you do want your husband or boyfriend to be attracted to your body, but just not your breasts. That also makes no sense. So please tell me again what is it that you actually want.’

Actually, as some others have pointed out, their position makes absolutely perfect sense… if you are a liberal. Their outlook on this is a great illustration of philosophical positivism and shows a circular dependence on that most inaccurate and subjective of political ideas-  personalized experience and the politics of identity.

To these women, the fact that there is a different social  standard for the genders on public bare-chestedness is a sign of inequality-to THEM. And, despite the fact that in Maine, female torso nudity is perfectly legal, their protest was an attempt to cut into the  double standard THEY believe must be purged from EVERYONE ELSE who do not agree with THEM.

But, beyond their self-assurance that they are morally correct in their pursuits, do they know exactly what it is they are fighting in EVERYONE ELSE?

Apparently, none of the men that watched the topless parade harassed or assaulted any of the protesters, yet McDowell was still outraged. So, what is the real target of McDowell and her ilk?

Perhaps this commenter from LA’s blog has made the most important point:

This is about power, and is a highly aggressive extension of the LOOK DON’T TOUCH game women like to play into a LOOK BUT DON’T LOOK catch-22 trap. By the way, despite any policy changes, there will be no change in long-term behaviour. In Ontario a few years ago, a court struck down the prohibition on women showing their breasts in public. A few strode around topless for a while, but none have been seen since.

I agree, it is about power and that is the essential thing we are supposed to ignore  about liberal passive/aggressive victimology.

It is funny and ludicrous to an extent, but in the real world, liberal positivism has a scorching effect on social institutions and individual lives.

In this article at The Spearhead, there is a story about a new, dsicriminatory policy that involves the blacklisting of male students who have been accused by of improprieties by females:

In the wake of the column written by Alex Knepper in The Eagle, a campus newspaper published by AU students, AU officials have come out with new policies designed to punish men who are accused by women of various improprieties. The school plans to keep a blacklist of men who have been accused, apparently whether they have been convicted of anything or not. This extrajudicial, arbitrary punishment of men should be a warning sign to any parents that might think about sending their sons to American University…

In the meanwhile, parents of male students and male students themselves should seriously consider withdrawing from American University, and avoiding enrollment in the same. Gail Hanson, at the behest of radical feminists, is creating a climate of intimidation and fear for males. The recent example of the Duke Lacrosse case has already cast a dark cloud over higher education, and it appears that, rather than take steps to halt false accusations and abuse of young men, universities are only stepping up the pressure and making further attacks.

How many more young men’s lives will have to be ruined by false accusations, and how many more chased away from education by totalitarian feminist policies at universities before things start to change? Hopefully, not many, but from the looks of things at American University there will undoubtedly be more victims.

Indeed. The American University campus long ago became a hostile place not only for conservatives, but for those unfavored by ruling regime of identity politics.  Unfortunately, though we still live by the myth that higher degrees enable us to rise through the meritocracy, billions of dollars are spent every year by people who have been sold a bill of goods about the necessity of a higher education.  I think that many, many people, especially white males, would be a lot better off if they focused on either building a business straight out of high school, or found a vocation they liked and trained themselves to become an expert in it, instead of pursuing a 4-year degree at politically correct U.

This does not necessarily leave intellectual pursuits out of the equation. In fact, the intangible development of the spirit and the mind is really the purpose of a good education anyway. If you struggle inside the devastated culture of the American University today for four years (or more), you are essentially defeating the purpose of attendance. There are many journalists, scientists, and authors, etc., who have lived a life of ideas without four or more years of higher education after high school.

Status will flow to the self-made and the tradesmen if more and more men take the suggestion of Spearhead and begin to create their own lives through work immediately after high school. Given the right political leadership, hard work and initiative can once again trump the  degreed elite. Their expertise will matter less once they are put into the proper role of serving those that make the country productive and wealthy.

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    Good article. Thank you!

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