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Buffalo Tea Party Diffuses Provocateurs at Rally

On April 13, 2010 the Tea Party Express III came to the City of Buffalo, NY and held a two-hour rally on the City’s waterfront. During the rally, according to a number of witnesses, attempts were made by various individuals to infiltrate and disrupt the gathering.

Lloyd Marcus, Victoria Jackson, and Jimmy Labriola

e witnesses at the rally reported that disruptive language and  behavior was mostly attempted by lone individuals  aged between 20-25 yrs old. Some of these individuals came from a crowd of counter-protesters  that had gathered outside the main area of the rally.

Tea Partiers Enjoy the Rally

After the counter-demonstration  ended, some Tea Party attendees noticed that some  of the counter-protesters  wandered into the Tea Party crowd and proceeded to heckle its speakers. They provoked no incident and left shortly after their attempts at disruption failed.

"Monochromatic" (all-white) Tea Party Counter-Protesters. Does their lack of diversity make them racists?

However, there was an effort by anti-Tea Party provocateurs that successfully disrupted the Buffalo rally.

About 45 minutes into the Buffalo Tea Party Rally, a group of young men approached the crowd wearing the uniform of  colonial British soldiers, waving the Union Jack. As they wound their way through the Tea Party crowd, they began to heckle the speakers in British accents.

Although the “Reds” heckling  appeared humorous because they were ostensibly mocking “colonial yankees” and were playing along with the imagery evoked by the Tea Party, their antics managed to disrupt the rally for a few minutes, at least.

Leftists Dressed as British Redcoats Disrupt Tea Party Rally

Shortly after they began their heckling, the leaders of the Tea Party asked the “Reds” to leave. Outraged by this request, the “Reds” made their way to the Tea Party organizers, where, according to some witnesses, they complained that their freedom of speech was being violated.

Shortly after they started complaining, however, some witnesses observed  a wire hanging out of the coat pocket of one of the “Reds.”  reportedly, a Tea Partier (in the photo below)  grabbed the wire which revealed a tape recorder or some other audio recording device. Immediately, the “Red” began screaming that he was being violated and the Tea Partier backed away.


"They're Recording!"

Eventually, the Tea Party organizers quelled the situation, and asked the “Reds” to desist and they eventually left. Debbie Lee, the mother of the first Navy SEAL to be killed in Iraq, Marc Allan Lee, was instrumental in talking the “Reds” out of their disruptive intent.

Debbie Lee Puts "Reds" Straight

It is important that Tea Partiers be on the look out for this kind of tactic. While at first it may seem funny and not all that threatening, be aware that tape recorders will be playing.

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  1. Christopher
    April 25, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    i was one of the redcoats. i myself am a conservative and had no ill intentions… it was just funny. the organizers got the joke and actually laughed with us afterwards. we were protesting the wasting of tea. it was funny

  2. Christopher
    April 25, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    p.s. were part of a comedy group called Buffalo Sketch Comedy

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