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Ahhh…How History Repeats Itself

…and who in their right mind would want to live in a society like this? Is this really the kind of utopia Hollywood assholes praise these days?

We’ve been here before, haven’t we? I mean, isn’t the result of socialism and any kind of statism clear by now? The militarization of the population, the stupid, constant rallies, the cult of personality all seem familiar to us who lived through this bullshit in the last century, don’t they?

The Devil’s Excrement has a nice photo essay on the recent “celebration” in Venezuela of Hugo Chavez’ victory in the 2002 coup. As they tell it at DE, all of Chavez’ recent rallies have been sparsely attended except this one: but the militia in attendance were paid to show up.

And what was Chavez’ message to these people, his new so-called “Peasants Militia?”

You should be ready to take up the arms you have there at any time and go out to give your lives, if you have to, for the Bolivarian Revolution! .. you know what you would have to do. Simply take all power in Venezuela, absolutely all, sweep away the bourgeoisie from all political and economic spaces, deepen the revolution.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Hasn’t Chavez done a good job of sweeping away most of the bourgeois from Venezuela already?

Apparently so, because according to DE, the government collected the guns they distributed to these militias for the rally and most of them never had any bullets in them anyway.

The Running Dogs of capitalism are shaking in their boots at such a display of socialist power.

I’m sure most of these people would be happy if they could just turn their lights back on when they get home.

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