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CPN Returns!


I just got a message from Word Press congratulating  me on the success of my blog.  That reminded me I haven’t written  anything since April, but CPN continues to get hits from all over the world. So, because I enjoy blogging and writing about current events, I will be starting it up again.

Hopefully, I will have more time to spend on it and I can be more focused and succinct. Successful blogging is about persistence and keeping the message interesting and fresh. I can’t claim I have any changes in mind, but I have developed a new sense of things and hopefully, that will be reflected in the blog.

I do apologize for the long hiatus. But, the reason I first stopped blogging was because I needed to work on my personal finances and start working more directly with the conservative movement.

The blog started out well last year, but sometime after my last post I joined the congressional campaign of Lenny Roberto, who was the endorsed candidate for both the Republican and Conservative parties in New York’s 27th congressional district. Most of my time over the summer was spent on his campaign, as I was appointed to be his Communications Director shortly after volunteering.

I actually met Lenny at an event for New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. The relationship between the two was odd, but I had direct access to Paladino’s Campaign Manager who helped me on the media end of things.

Unfortunately, Lenny lost his bid to Brian Higgins, a man who was an advocate for a public option in the Affordable Care Act and who is a true believer in the economic nonsense known as “green jobs. The problem with our campaign was that every facet of the conservative movement (for what it is in Western New York) was focused on Paladino’s campaign. So all the attention-and money-went to his efforts.

And despite his money and chutzpah, Paladino failed, primarily because he did not prove he was knowledgeable enough about the problems in New York State government and because Cuomo triangulated, using conservative reform  ideas as the theme of his campaign.

So, for many conservatives in Western New York, it felt like a losing year, despite the results of the 2010 congressional election.

I would like to write about working on the congressional campaign and the state of conservatism where I live-Western new York and New York State- but that would be boring for many readers. Local politics and the strength and nature of local movements and local parties is important, as we saw in the 2010 congressional elections. The reason why some regions and localities remain solidly left-wing has been a question I have been pondering for some time, as I grew up in a town controlled by the Democratic Party all of my life. It is amazing to me that the Democratic Party is able to avoid blame for what has happened to my region under its tutelage- steep economic decline and vigorous population loss-and is able to continue to elect increasingly left-wing politicians to office.

The answers to why this is so I have concluded is more controversial question than many would like it to be. I will address them and already have to a certain extent in this blog, but hopefully, I will deal  with them in the future.

So, I hope you see I have not been idle on the activist front. For a while, this blog was my only activism and I really enjoyed putting it together. Now, through my work on the congressional campaign, I learned a little something about politics and have networked with people in my area who are also activists and want to apply the same principles to government as myself. Thus, I have had the idea of trying to set up a regional think tank I have tentatively named, “The Western New York Conservative Foundation. The idea is to make it a one-stop shop center for conservative policy ideas, monitoring of the left, election law and election support. It is just an idea for now, but one I hope to work on once I get my personal finances straight.

So, for now, this blog will remain what it is and I will keep my focus on national and international news that aims its guns of truth against the leftist ramparts that are weakening everyday. But it is important to remember that  academia, media, and myriad groups  push the left-wing agenda and they will never quit, because they are paid to do what they do. Mine, and the efforts of so many other conservatives, is a citizen and grass-roots activism that barely keeps the socialists at bay.  Hopefully, the next two years will prove fruitful and we all keep hope alive that conservatives in Congress will repeal health care reform, drastically reduce government spending and, eventually, make Obama a one-term president.

I will do what I can here.

Thanks for reading!

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