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Conservative Jihad: Hold On, It’s Coming…Hold On, It’s Almost Here!

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…During the French Revolution and throughout the nineteenth century, the counter-revolutionary movement in France was stronger than ever before. Never had the face of the Revolution been seen so well. The immensity of the maelstrom in which the old order of things had been shipwrecked had suddenly opened the eyes of many people to a host of truths silenced or denied by the Revolution down through the centuries. Above all, the spirit of the Revolution had become clear to them in all its malice and in all its profound connections with ideas and habits long considered innocent by most people.Plinio Correa de Oliveira, Revolution and Counter-Revolution

There comes a time when ordinary men and women can no longer tolerate the lies and the intentional deception of the Revolution. It is a time when people recognize that their new, progressive rulers are not looking out for their best interests, but have been engaged in a war of sorts against the majority. America has been ruled by the Left-the Revolution-for a number of decades and, it should be clear, that its goal is not to “serve” the people, but to transform them.

Rebellion against this cadre must be total and complete or they will regroup and attempt to take power with even more fierceness than they have shown this past year. They have stirred up their supporters at the same time they have tried to suppress the speech and protest of the conservative rebellion. They are on the run, like the Democrats of Wisconsin and Illinois who have fled their states. But they think that now their retreat is strategic, and like the Left of the past, they will return to impose themselves again on the unsuspecting populace.

I say, let their retreat be permanent and complete this time!

The conservative rebellion-the Counter-Revolution- must begin to purge the culture from liberalism now! Or it may be too late.

Everywhere that the Left rules without opposition, conservatives must rise up and challenge it. Academia, media, art, movies, books-all have been declaring open warfare on American culture for a long time now. Americans have sat back and allowed this open mocking to permeate their society and it has come to a point where Americans apologize for themselves everywhere.

Conservative jihad is a vision of Counter-Revolution. It a vision of an America free of liberalism, socialism and globalism. An America where the Left will have no quarter and will be met with the disdain of the people wherever the Revolution attempts to apply its schlock.

Conservative jihad is about free men and women controlling their communities, unafraid of the “experts” and professors who are there to militate against their common sense and moral understanding. The jihad recognizes that we are in the stage of the “Fourth Revolution” of the unceasing Revolution and we must aim all our weaponry at those institutions that promote it.

Principally, we are war with globalism, the New Age and all the manifestations of culture that seek to replace tradition as a way of life. The Fourth Revolution has been moving ahead with its plans quite openly now and that puts the enemy in focus. In short order they will go into hiding again and try to deceive, but the conservative jihad must know their resting places and make escape impossible.

Tuning out and turning on to conservative alternatives is a counter-revolutionary act. So separation from the culture is imperative if we are to challenge it. Americans must continue their silent rebellion against the schools through homeschooling. They must also continue their pressure on the elite and turn away from the articulate and well-paid agitators of the Revolution. Listening to and then deconstructing of the arguments of the apparatchiks is a waste of time.

Build a new culture and a new system! Spend your life and your energies on constructing a sovereign nation and a sovereign people, and globalism, the Left, and all its cultural manifestations will be locked into ever smaller geographical territory where it will eventually starve.

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