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LiveOn November 17

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I’ve been watching the live streaming video of the November 17 Action at Reuters via the Other 99 live stream. There are many things that should be noted:

There are many people there just milling about and complaining that there is an attempt to shut them down. This is obviously nonsense as  no one is preventing these people from doing videos, writing blogs, sending  well-composed letters to the editor.  What these  people are really waiting for and preparing for is inevitable confrontation with the police.

Oh wait…something is happening. Police are walking into Zuccotti Park and talking to some of these people. There are many people outside Zuccotti yelling that police are “raiding the park!”  These “witnesses” remain untouched and are able to gather outside the perimeter of the park.

Apparently police are not letting anyone out of Zuccotti Park. (Note: This is a technique that is employed for crowd control-This happened to me when I was at a soccer game in Europe.) People outside the park claim people are being beaten inside the park. There is no video evidence of this. The videographer is wondering why people are being barricaded inside the park. (Again, like I said, this happened when I was at a soccer game in Europe even though I wasn’t a part of any hooliganism-it’s crowd control)

Witnesses continue to say that police are beating people. There are many cops outside the park still milling around with their hands in their pockets.

Anyway…there is a goodly number of Cuban flags and Chinese flags at the protest.

David Icke the guy who believes the bankers and Jews are reptiliian aliens is there.

We Are Change, the Alex Jones allied group is there.

There seems to be a lot of sympathy for Wikileaks, the Russian, neo-Nazi intelligence operation that attacks US foreign policy.

…They have their confrontation now, police have closed off Zucotti Park…

More later…

Back at 1403

Police have blocked off Zuccotti Park and apparently have closed off entrances and exits. Bystanders are complaining that one guy has been searched by the police. There is a lot of bystander deception, people who don’t see anything, have no clue what is happening, but are positioning themselves to be able to say they “were there” and served as eyewitnesses.

There is also a lot of  street amateur criminal law being practiced, perhaps spread by the National Lawyers Guild.

Yeah, this is a real Commie event. It really is . People are already convinced about the narrative they are going to tell about the events and so-called police brutality. No matter how tolerant, it is obvious what version of events will be disseminated.

adBusters calls it a meme.

Oh, five minutes focusing on someone getting arrested…police didn’t arrest the guy. “let the people know what cops just did…”


Some guy kicking and vandalizing the barricades got detained by the police…this is the cause celbre right now…

And it goes on and on…

Out at 1410

Back at 1730

the live feed I was watching was mostly a guy wandering around NYC. There were a lot of people on the street and protesters seemed to be waiting for the unions to show up at 5pm. They have assembled at Foley Square with plans to march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Marxist inspiration for this movement is undeniable. As the ustreamer passes through the crowd, almost all the people involved appear to show their affiliation with a Marxist group or ideas. There is also a huge “Anonymous” presence which I generally believe is linked to the Alex Jones/Wikileaks/ conspiracy theory axis.

It is clear, however, that the labor unions are the big players: SEIU, UAW, Teachers, Transportation Workers.

Verizon workers are there…CWA.

There are all kinds of threats against Mayor Bloomberg

Democracy Now is there, of course.

A hypothetical question was asked on American Thinker today about whether it is time to buy a gun for protection.

My hypothetical answer if I was asked is yes.

How long has this movement been planned and who is involved? I came across a speech in New York City by Hugo Chavez in 2005. There are many interesting things in it, and it is important to note that he was there with a politician from Cuba the year before. Many unions were also in attendance at this speech.


It is important to understand Chavez’ path to power.

Ustream guy is being denied access to Foley Square by protester groups. he is trying to find out who is running the protest…United New York .org Let’s see…

It is union-run…The Democratic Party owns this.

They’re heading to the Brooklyn Bridge…10,000-20,000 according to cameraman

But the union led group is being allowed to go through, others are not.

Closing New York City airspace…”I feel the ground shaking!” ?*”That’s the subway dude.”

Are the unions segregating the crowd? Or the cops?

Verizon workers don’t seem to be part of the main union organized march.

Unions are segregating crowds!!!!!! Keeping the non-union protesters off the bridge. According to cameraman.

Protesters are chanting we’ve been sold out! Are they talking about unions segregating the crowd? Interesting…United NY.org are diverting other protesters…

Hah hah. can you say controlled opposition!

Agreement between unions and police…

United NY “acting just like police”

OK. I have to go to work…no more fun…

Out 1606

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