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The Tyranny!

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A video has surfaced showing the true nature of the infamous pepper-spraying at UC-Davis. As you can see, the police gave these students every chance to leave and even warned them well before they deployed the spray that they were going to do so.

The occupy movement is made up the biggest drama queens in history.

However, it is troublesome that the Left has taken to writing historical narrative and then creating their own  reality so that it fits the story. For weeks, the Occupy promoters were looking for a Kent State “climax moment” but the police weren’t cooperating. Now, we have this nonsense from one of the  most tolerant police forces in the history of mankind.

And everywhere, the Left has taken the cue. When one really thinks about what’s going on, it is really a sad statement. It is a sign of serious decline when you have millions of people so desperately deluded and so hungry to be a part of that same self-created mass delusion.

I believe this all started with the Obama cult of personality. The Occupy movement is the cult’s children 3 years on. They are disappointed and angry that their father figure did not change America into utopia overnight. What frustrates them, is that Obama ran into a wall of political reality. They, it seems, refuse to capitulate to that reality and are trying to create their own.

This is a dangerous path. Mass delusions usually do not end well.


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