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Outrage Per Minute

Just listening to the radio and browsing the newspaper these days can get your blood boiling.

Argumentum Ad Consequentiam

It is hard to believe but people are defending the filth and detritus left by Occupy L.A. They are doing this by saying the bailout of the banks was such a  ripoff that the property destruction, crime  and the bill the entire Occupy Movement left the taxpayer is of little consequence.


So, you have a bunch of people putatively angry about the bailouts and thus, one would assume, the cost of these bailouts to the American taxpayer. So, if that has been their real concern (“Banks got bailed out, we got sold out”), wouldn’t you think that the Occupy Movement would have done everything within its power to help the taxpayer out?

Instead, they over-burdened municipal services and at last estimate cost municipalities in the United States over $13million and rising.

It is basically a logical fallacy for anyone to try to assuage the outrage at what Occupy is costing the taxpayer by juxtaposing it to the bank bailouts. This is because the Occupy Movement and the bank bailouts are part of the same political sclerosis. They both seem to believe that they are too important for the laws to apply to them. They both seem to believe that the government should tolerate their misbehavior and come to their rescue if they have failed and look the other way when they commit criminal acts.

Remember, The Tea Party opposed the bailouts from day one, and unlike OWS,  they  also recognized the bailouts of the auto industry  as one huge taxpayer ripoff ! Personally, I wrote about the bailouts and was part of congressional campaign where I produced policy papers analyzing why the bailouts were a bad idea for the taxpayer and thus, the country.

But the Tea Party (and me) did not shit on the lawn at City Hall! We let the political class know we were pissed off, but we cleaned up after ourselves when we left. And then we voted!

Why the difference?

The Occupy Movement tried to start a Marxist  world revolution, as it declares on its own website! They care nothing about the taxpayer or who will eventually pay for their revolution. They recognize that “revolution” is essentially about coercion and destruction, so the taxpayer is getting what’s coming to him…even those in very liberal cities.

The Tea Party believes in the exact opposite. It is a movement derived from the belief in individual liberty and which seeks to limit government power and reach. This is why The Tea Party cleans up after itself: It is made up of  private citizens who instinctively recognize that their political engagement is in the name of posterity, and not for themselves. They leave the public square clean because they know the next guy will want to use it and he may not believe what they believe. They do not saddle other taxpayers with the consequences of actions they decided to take.

The Occupiers don’t give a shit about the next guy. They think the next guy is dumb or an “oppressor.”  Instead, they prefer to destroy property and look for a “revolutionary moment” by confronting the police in the name of their perosnal vision of utopia. They will saddle the next guy with the clean up bill because theirs is the glorious cause and to them the next guy should be more than grateful for OWS showing him the way. Justice and fairness are not OWS concerns…right now. They believe they hold the keys to a “higher justice” and a “higher fairness” and that since we live in an unfair pre-revolutionary world, everything is justified until the revolution wins. Real justice will be established when the next guy is a boot-licking apparatchik.

Andy Stern

Hasn’t it been credibly established that former SEIU President Andy Stern was at one point  the most frequent visitor to the White House? Didn’t Barack Obama appoint Andy Stern to sit on his National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform?

So, why doesn’t anyone blink an eye when he writes glowingly about the Chinese planned economy? Why isn’t anyone the least bit alarmed when he brazenly asserts the superiority of Chinese Communist Five-Year Plans?

Will someone tell me again why it’s a fallacy to call Barack Obama a socialist?

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