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The Next Occupation Begins: Bringing the Total War Home

A hunger strike in Duarte Square in New York City was started by OWS 12/3/11. The Occupy announcement for the strike reads in part:

This is a call for escalation, in response to the escalated levels of government-enacted violence and repression the Occupy Movement has endured over the last few weeks. In dozens of cities across the nation, Mayors chose to stifle freedom of speech and the right to assemble by evicting peaceful occupations using illegal and and unconstitutional force. Here in New York, on the night of November 14, the City—under orders from Mayor Bloomberg—violently evicted our community from Liberty Square.

And in a related article, an occupier confessed:

“We have a long-term strategy to take this space… We want that space. We’re gonna take that space. This is the future home of the occupation — or one of them… Does everyone know that this space is owned by Trinity Real Estate and Trinity Church — the largest landowner in New York City?”


The plan is to force Trinity church to give them land so that they can have a perpetual and visible staging area for their protests. The military overtones of all of this should be disturbing. This is a coordinated plan to turn America’s urban areas into conflict zones.

Read the entire article here.

Are you ready for what’s coming next?


I know, Boyd Rice is a Neo-Nazi and a satanist. But there are many similarities between his demonic aesthetic and what has already been witnessed at OWS. While liberals may believe OWS protests are all fun and games, the angry, delusional and kinetic core of OWS is clearly visible. It would not take much for a willful leadership to step in and direct the entire movement towards a more serious and direct confrontation.

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