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DSK Creepy

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The historical significance of the Strauss-Kahn affair will be, I suspect, its role in the beginnings of a backlash against progressive fantasies – and a return to the radical realist empiricism we so badly need as the global economy careers towards disaster. Be it in the fields of social, racial, gender, fiscal, globalist or economic propaganda, the overriding failure of the Establishment since 2008 has been in the ability to have free and fresh thoughts about what to do.

The stale dogma applied to the investigation of the DSK/Sofitel/Diallo encounter has much to teach us. For a while there, the Left tried to depict the former IMF boss as – literally – the King in the Altogether. It is their distorted philosophy which now stands, naked and deformed, before us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -John Ward


Reading an interesting article about the events surrounding Dominique Strauss- Kahn. There have been conspiracy theories floating around this incident for awhile, some pointing to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who took an unusual interest in the case.


While reading the following article I came across this part, which sent chills up my spine:

(from What Really Happened To Strauss-Kahn)

The court eventually dropped all the charges against him because the prosecutors found that the complainant, Diallo, had proven to be an untruthful witness. They wrote in the motion for dismissal that “the nature and number of the complainant’s falsehoods leave us unable to credit her version of events beyond a reasonable doubt.” They said that she “has given irreconcilable accounts of what happened,” and had lied not only to the prosecutors but under oath to the grand jury about her whereabouts after the encounter. She stated that she had hid in the hall after leaving the presidential suite, and entered no other room on the twenty-eighth floor until she told another maid about the attack (which was approximately fifteen minutes later).

When asked why she had not used her pass key to go into another room, she said they all had “Do Not Disturb” signs on the door. After her grand jury testimony, prosecutors discovered that this was false when the hotel belatedly provided them with the electronic key records showing that Diallo had entered room 2820 at 12:26 PM, after her encounter with DSK. The same record also showed that she had also entered room 2820 prior to her encounter with DSK at a time when the occupant had not checked out and may have been in the room. Why she concealed visiting 2820 was “inexplicable” to the prosecutors, who noted in their motion for dismissal that if she had mentioned her visits to 2820, it would have been declared part of the crime scene and searched by the police. But she did not do so.

Nor were DSK’s lawyers able to find an explanation. When they attempted to learn the identity of the occupant of 2820, Sofitel refused to release it on grounds of privacy. Given Diallo’s conflicting accounts, all that we really know about what happened in the nearby room 2820 is that Diallo went there both before and after her encounter with DSK and then omitted the latter visit from her sworn testimony to the grand jury. We still do not know if there was anyone in 2820 when she entered it again following the encounter with DSK or if, prior to the police arriving, anyone influenced her to omit mention of room 2820.

Sounds like she was meeting with her “handler” and either getting instructions from them, or getting paid.

Unraveling the weirdness of all this will bring down some hefty players. It also reveals some things about politics in this age.

But the following is the best “conspiracy theory” I could find. And it is the source for the quote beginning this post.

A Trail Leading All The Way to the White House



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