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A Good Article on Bachmann’s Campaign

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Irv Pollack has written a great article at the Deace Blog. He describes his personal sojourn to Michelle Bachmann’s Iowa campaign headquarters.

A good segment from the article:

In the ensuing days, I found everything I could get my hands on related to her speeches, appearances and debates. What I learned was that Michele and her campaign were doing a much better job than I had given them credit for, and I found a much deeper understanding of who Michele Bachmann was. What hubris on my part to think I was going to walk in with “the answers.” She’s great, they’re great! Should I still go? Would I speak to anyone who would pass on my ideas to Michele?

Yes, I have something to offer. The nation conceived of and created by our Founding Fathers is going out of existence and must be saved. Only Michele Bachmann’s leadership can do that. The other people in the race will only slow down the pace of the Liberal, leftist march. They all have major disqualifying policy flaws, and they’re all politicians. They all make deals betraying principles. In short, they all have been corrupted to some extent. Michele has not been corrupted. She is the true citizen legislator envisioned by our Founders. She is driven by her Christian core, which keeps her from becoming tainted. This nation was designed to be governed by and inhabited by a moral people.

This is my sentiment exactly. She has played it much differently than Romney, of course. But, don’t forget, she was on the front lines during those first, dark days of Obama nation. (and by the way, does anyone remember what Ron Paul was doing to fight Obamacare? Me neither.)

And you act much differently when you’re trying to hold back the Orc Army and buttressing the walls of the trench with muscle and blood, than when you are in a comfortable tent looking at the scene from the top of the hill.  She is a giant of a leader and a moral force in our land.

She will be the next President of the United States.

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