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WOW! One Day of How Much Obama Really Sucks!

Just surveying the news of the day to find something to write about and it is filled with the follies of Obama and his supporting choir. The top stories:

1) Obama fills Consumer Protection Bureau with illegal recess appointment

2) Obama signs Executive Order creating $1 billion summer jobs program- A program already once- defeated in Congress.

3) Obama packs the National Labor Relations Board with more recess appointments

4) Kodak in Banruptcy while CEO sits on Obama jobs council

5) Obama cuts military while Iran rattles the sabre…

Watch this incredible video by Cliff Kincaid and Travor Loudon who predicted this was coming…especially at 19:40!!!


Has anyone asked Ron Paul what the proper posture of the U.S. should be in light if Iran’s threat to close the Straight of Hormuz? Is it all a false flag operation designed by the CIA?

Oh, well maybe this explains Ron Paul’s apparent ignorance…He sponsored this program for defense reductions with a number of Soros-funded groups.

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