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Don’t Get Fooled Again: There is a Republican Establishment and They Want To Tell You How to Vote

There are those within the media who have been mocking Newt Gingrich and others for believing that there is a Republican establishment. But  really, there is an establishment and it is in place to make sure that things don’t get out of hand and that the welfare state and implementation of global governance is not despoiled.

Bottom line.

Because the GOP establishment accepts the basic tenets of progressivism and loathes the conservative movement, it usually remains silent most of the time because it has to  piggyback off the conservative activist wing of the party in order to remain politically viable. I have no doubt, though, that the GOP establishment still makes the final decisions because they have all da money and the “base” unfortunately, can be swayed by those who are  financially accomplished.

If you have followed this blog since the beginning, I have occasionally documented the ideological attacks on conservatives (and Ron Paul libertarians) that were coming fast and furious after the 2008 elections. In fact, those attacks may be what inspired this blog in the first place.

For the committed conservative activist who is sensitive to these things, it was clear back in 2008-09 that there was a GOP elite that was trying very hard to dampen down the outrage that most conservatives were feeling towards Obama. The establishment tried to deny the sting that we were feeling when the media and the Obama nation went on the offensive against conservative ideas and when they started the wishful thinking meme that “conservatism was dead.”

The Tea Party and conservatives revolted, and because the GOP establishment is parasitic, it didn’t really have the strength to fight the Gadsen flag insurgency. In fact, it almost appeared as if they had expected it all along. However, many in the establishment,  I’m sure, were thinking about bolting to the Democratic Party and many actually did-in their hearts-when they endorsed Obama and subsequently defended him against the mobilized conservative base.

A more telling symbol of the contempt the GOP elite has for its conservative wing could not be imagined.

Actually, the best writing about this interesting political dynamic  was done by Iowahawk in his Coddington Van Voorhees VII series. I think he captures the sentiment of the GOP elite with a hyper-serving of satire, and eviscerates them without mercy. For instance:

I have every confidence that Obama’s true conservative butterfly will emerge once in office,  coaxed from its Maoist cocoon by conservatives like myself and Frum and Parker and Noonan — all of whom I am pleased to report are already under consideration for the Obama Administration State Dinner shortlist. Certainly there may be a tax increase or two, but isn’t that what estate attorneys and Cayman Island banks are for? Under a worst case scenario some of us may have to set up a lease-back depreciation arrangement on one or two of our vacation compounds, as Dad was forced to in the dark years of Carter. But I’m not worried. I’ve got a pretty good sense for character, and I’d be willing to bet my Weejuns that inside this Obama fellow lives the soul a rock-ribbed old money Brahmin. Ask yourself: could a seriously committed Marxist carry off a Brooks Brothers suit like that? I mean, other than Dad’s old commie nemesis and Harvard fencing club foe Alger Hiss.


These, as is now obvious, are the real enemies of conservatism. Is it really necessary that I once again recite their roster?  The Limbaughs, the Becks, the Levins, the entire bloviating panoply of talk radio baboons peddling their toxic brew of anti-government sedition and foot unguents to hordes of slackjawed exurban megachurch McMansionites. The Jindals and Perrys, crypto-secessionist boondock Babbits who rudely decline Mr. Obama’s gracious offers of federal largesse. I suppose it is some comfort that we no longer must count the execrable la Palin in their ranks, as her resignation and exile afforded right-thinkers of the nation a brief moment of rational exuberance. But it appears that the ever-fertile Napoleon of Nome intends some sort of coup from her Facebook Elba, attempting to rile up the online lumpenproles with hysteric tales of “death panels” and “tax increases.” One is tempted to dismiss it all as some sort of elaborate hoax, but their grunted entreaties have somehow found support among the nation’s more dimwitted burghers. What began with the unsightly “Tea Party” idiocy of Spring has metastasized into the full blown dementia on display by health care protesters, filling America’s high school auditoriums with simian hoots of insolence directed at the very congressional representives on whose noblesse oblige they depend.

But the GOP establishment didn’t bolt to the Democratic Party, as I’m sure many conservatives had wished. Instead, they got even quieter as the unseemly, conservative rabble rose up and threatened a revolt. The establishment stood with mouths agape as the  Tea Party and Sarah Palin and the “birthers” rose to prominence.

So, instead of becoming Democrats, the establishment figured  that they had a few moves left. After all, they are used to calling in their pedigree in order to silence the base, and besides, the revolution had not arrived as yet. So, the long march of the establishment down into the dwelling space of the swarthy mobs began, as unpleasant as that was for them. They had work to do, so they donned their faux conservatism and sponsored some “tea party” organizations and some cross county bus rides and made all kinds of noise about Obama being Jimmy Carter.

Yeah, that was their tepid line from the beginning dear reader, and it never reached the red hot ears of outraged tea partiers and birthers who knew Obama was not Jimmy Carter but a well-trained Marxist organizer with  mysterious associations, a compliant and fixated media,  and an undiscovered and barely vetted  past.

And if all his unwarranted support was not enough to stir the opposition, Obama received a Nobel peace Prize in 2009 for just being the next guy elected after George Bush. His prize was the international community telling Americans they would quite prefer it if we never voted for another Republican again. The Republican establishment shrugged, dutifully applauded, and some even swooned.

Yet those first few years of the latest progressive “crisis cycle” of hurried big government legislation were fast, furious and withering for conservatives as so many felt alone and didn’t know who to trust. So, they organized and protested and organized some more. We put our faith in the few from the GOP who seemed authentic and weren’t coopted, like Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint  and unfortunately (but understandably), Ron Paul.

The 2009 elections proved that the Obama Bolsheviks had not yet turned America red, and that maybe all the conservative organizing was paying off. But even amidst the small victories of 2009, there was unsettling evidence that the establishment was silently working to undermine conservative passion.

In the aforementioned elections of 2009,  the congressional candidacy of an unassuming conservative  named Doug Hoffman laid bare all that is wrong with the GOP establishment. An accountant by trade with little political experience, Hoffman decided to run for Congress because he “couldn’t take it anymore” and he was upset that the GOP selected a very liberal candidate to run in his local district. Through the promotion of national political figures like Fred Thompson and Sarah Palin, it was discovered by the GOP base that their party was supporting a pro-abortion leftist, who was actually supported by the socialist Working Families Party and was a recipient of Planned Parenthood’s Maggie Award (named after the organization’s eugenicist founder, Margaret Sanger).

After hearing this, the GOP base and conservatives from all around the country began to donate thousands of dollars to Doug Hoffman’s campaign. For a while, this small town guy became a conservative folk hero and his campaign became the focus of a reawakened conservatism that wanted nothing lees than war with the GOP establishment. And the GOP establishment seemed to welcome this war and were determined to show the conservative wing what it thought of it. The pre-2010 congressional campaign committee donated over $1million to Scozzafava’s campaign and in the middle of the civil war, they sent $86,000 more to the New York State Republican party in order to fight Hoffman.

The results of that civil war should be seared into the minds of any conservative with a memory. Scozzafava was eventually forced to drop out of the race. She then endorsed Bill Owens, the Democrat who ended up winning in one of the few majority  Republican districts in New York State.

A few days ago, it was reported that Scozzafava just got a cushy job in governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration.

Now, we know who represents the establishment, don’t we?  We know they are not conservative and are bonafide RINOs correct?

This is  Mitt Romney’s pedigree, and he has been flying it in your face for 4 years now.

We’ve all heard about Romney’s appointments of Obama officials while he was governor of Massachusetts, about running against Ted Kennedy from the left, and about his support for the presidential campaign of population control advocate Paul Tsongas. But there is more recent evidence of what he really believes.

Not many people know this, but Mitt Romney was credited by Scott Brown for helping him win the Massachusetts Senate seat in early 2010. Brown has proven himself to be a pretty consistent RINO in the U.S. Senate, so much so that he recently came out in support of Obama’s illegal recess appointment of Richard Cordray to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Romney is the power behind Brown, and there should be no doubt that if Brown survives this year’s re-election campaign, he will be Romney’s point man in the Senate, if Romney takes the presidency. Oh, it will all be hush hush and on the downlow, but have no doubt that RINO liberalism will reign if Romney is elected. Conservatives be damned!

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below. And notice how discreet  and unnoticed Romney tries to be during Brown’s victory speech. Wouldn’t it make more sense for someone with presidential ambitions to let his associations be known  to what the country thought at the time was a “Tea Party victory” in Kennedy’s old seat?

The introduction of Romney begins at about 2:20 of the video, Romney quietly skulks in at about 2:53 and shortly thereafter disappears:



When Romney got McCain’s endorsement after Iowa, he was telling us something.



Shame on us if we don’t listen.


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