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Leftist Central Planners…Obama’s Quarterbacks

Obama does not devise the policy that he announces. His role, at most, is as  a speedy wide receiver who runs fairly tight patterns and catches the well-thrown pass. It’s OK if he is not a touchdown maker, as he softens up the opposing defenses enough that it opens them up for the big play.

So, who is the quarterback and who is calling the plays?

The Soros-funded progressive axis, centered around groups like The Center for American Progress is the quarterback, while Soros and his hired nomenclature are calling the plays.

Obama’s re-election/political strategy was devised a long time ago. The non-recess recess appointments as well as other recent (and outrageous) Obama actions were planned out well before Obama made a speech about them or talked about them at a press conference. I am almost certain that Obama has little to do with all this planning or is even a significant decision maker on the legality or the policy implications of his own decisions. I’m sure he is in on the discussion, but he really is not the most significant voice in the game.

In November, for instance, The Center for American Progress released a report they named, The Powers of the President, Recommendations to Advance Progressive Change. That report is the outline of Obama’s re-election campaign and it is the plan he has been following recently. Obama and his enablers have banked on the congressional stalemate which is no doubt manufactured by Harry Reid, and a favorable progressive national media, in order to gain political points for his most recent executive actions.

A look at the Introduction to the report reveals not only the source of Obama’s recent strategy and his most likely strategy for at least part of  2012, but it is also the narrative that the progressive, pro-Obama media has adopted when explaining Obama’s tactics. From the report John Podesta writes:

November 15, 2010

In the aftermath of this month’s midterm congressional elections, pundits and politicians across the ideologicalspectrum are focusing on how difficult it will be for President Barack Obama to advance his policy priorities through Congress. Predictions of stalemate abound. And some debate whether the administration should tack to the left or to the center and compromise with or confront the new House leadership.
As a former White House chief of staff, I believe those to be the wrong preoccupations. President Obama’s ability to govern the country as chief executive presents an opportunity to demonstrate strength, resolve, and a capacity to get things done on a host of pressing challenges of importance to the public and our economy. Progress, not positioning, is what the public wants and deserves.

The opportunity

Concentrating on executive powers presents a real opportunity for the Obamaadministration to turn its focus away from a divided Congress and the unappetizing process of making legislative sausage. Instead, the administration can focus on the president’s ability to deliver results for the American people on the things thatmatter most to them:

• Job creation and economic competitiveness
• Educational excellence
• A clean energy future and energy independence
• Quality affordable health care
• Consumer protection
• The home foreclosure crisis
• Accountable government delivering results at lower cost
• Sustainable security for the nation

In addition, the key legislative accomplishments of President Obama’s first two years in office, most notably health care and financial reform, now need to be implemented effectively. Both the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act require hundreds of separate rulemakings and other agency actions to implement the legislative framework. The public has made clear its disgust with Washington’s ways—the same sentiment that helped to bring President Obama to office. It would be a welcome relief from watching legislative maneuvering to see the work of a strong executive who is managing the business of the country through troubled times, doing more with less, each day working to create a stronger economy and a more effective government.

What is amazing to me is that there are those in the GOP who still believe that compromise and “reaching across the aisle” are still practicable methods in the face of this new aggressive progressivism. Believe me, the Democrats and the Left have no plans to reach across the aisle and are manufacturing congressional gridlock because it is all part of the plan to get Obama re-elected and continue on with their agenda.

Here’s the report if you want to sound like a prophet in coming months:

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