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The Establishment Strikes Back: Newt Wanted an Open Marriage

Just days after Newt Gingrich fed South Carolina Republicans a ton of conservative red meat, and he began his climb back towards the top of the polls, his ex-wife, Marianne, is ready to sink him for good.

She will claim that Gingrich wanted an open marriage, casting all kinds of doubts about the former speaker’s character and morality  in the minds of conservative voters and the pro-family, religious social conservative base that will vote in the South Carolina Republican primary this coming Saturday.

This is what happens when you are NOT the ESTABLISHMENT’S (yes, there is one) preferred candidate. If you show any signs of beating the ESTABLISHMENT’S chosen one, the skeletons you have in your closet-whether they are relevant or not and no matter how long ago such skeletons occurred-will be brought forth in a way and in a context designed to maximize the injury they can do to you.

There is no point in denying this technique any longer and who is behind it. And it will serve no purpose to debate whether this is an “authentic” story about recently uncovered facts that are important to the primary selection process.

Newt’s former wife Marianne, has been the subject of  speculation about “Newt’s baggage” for years. As long ago as 1995, she boasted that she could derail Gingrich’s presidential candidacy with a “single interview.”

I guess this is what we all have been waiting for since 1995.

I wonder if the media will ever do any research on this:

I think we all know the answer to that question, right?

“Irrelevant, doesn’t matter, Sinclair has been discredited. Even if  there is some truth to what he says,  it happened so long ago…”

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